5 minutes ago there were ten of us sitting at the dining table of the big farmhouse, with homemade cakes and coffee. Now there are only three of us (...)


Fransje and her grandmother arranged to meet me at a cultural hall in Beveren-Waas, a suburb of Antwerp, where Fransje is from and her grandmother still lives. The culture hall is hosting a coffee place (...)


At the age of 93, my grandmother is often annoyed that she has lost so many centimetres as she ages. She tries very hard to keep her back straight when walking, hoping to look taller. She still walks for 30 minutes to an hour a day with a confident stride...


Flamenco, Caliente and Paella... Welcome to Spain! I arrive at Salamanca's Plaza Major in mid-February 2022 and sit down in one of the many cafés before I start thinking about where I will spend the night. The square is amazing...


Zoom Call 752 5781 4100, Micol sits at the table with her grandmother Lucia in the living room in Verona, in north-eastern Italy. Lucia without a mask, Micol with a mask. The (analogue) room is dark, only one light illuminates the faces of the two women...