The team  


Initiator, author

Hello, I'm Magali, originally from Strasbourg, I'm at home in Berlin and currently working in Brussels. I'm half German - half French. When I meet new people, that's exactly how I introduce myself: as German-French. 

I have been active in European politics for more than 7 years: in youth associations, in my main job, but also in my environment. I have the privilege of having two grandmothers with whom I have exchanged and discussed a lot. Behind AVIA are all my questions, interests and attempts to find meaning in the coexistence of a society



Hello, my name is Wojtek. I come from Gdańsk, Poland. Before I came to Brussels for six months, I worked in the city hall of Gdańsk. I love graphic design and I had the opportunity to design the logo for AVIA and improve my skills in the field I want to work in.

The logo is inspired by South Korean art. I lived in China for three years and am passionate about the culture and history of the country. Overall, the cultures of the Asian region inspire me. In Brussels, I try to continue practising my Mandarin, which I have been learning for five years.



Social Media and Communication

Hi, I'm Maria! I'm currently traveling around Europe in my van, working as a freelancer from the road, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to discover new, beautiful corners and meet different people every day. Magali and I studied together. When we met spontaneously in Portugal again, last year, and she told me about AVIA, I immediately was excited to learn more about the project!

Beim Reisen komme ich oft mit älteren Menschen ins Gespräch. Michel (schätzungsweise um die 80 Jahre alt) erzählte mir einmal in der Bretagne, dass frische Algen schon seit ewigen Zeiten als gesunde Delikatesse gelten und er es traurig findet, dass junge Menschen sich oft erst durch den „Superfood-Marketing-Boom“ mit lokalen Pflanzen und Kräutern auseinander setzen. Paul und Elise weihten mich 2017 in Kanada in ihr Geheimnis für junge und frische Haut mit Mitte 70 ein (jeden Tag im Meer baden!), während ich als Dankeschön für ihre Weisheiten ihre Website aktualisierte. 



I am Cristina and I am currently studying Software Engineering. For me, programming is more than just a logical science, but a creative way to express yourself and your ideas in the digital world.

I decided to create the website for AVIA because I feel that in modern society we are more and more in a hurry and turning away from our true values.
AVIA öffnet uns eine Tür, um uns mit der echten europäischen Familienkultur zu verbinden und die jüngste Geschichte durch die Erfahrungen unserer Großmütter zu verstehen.

AVIA is more than a project, it is a living history, filled with emotions and the life perspective of different generations.



Hey, I'm Stella! I was born and raised in the suburbs of Frankfurt am Main and, after a stopover in Eichstätt, Bavaria, I've been happily living in Berlin for the past two years. I'm studying journalism in the capital and am currently spending a semester in London. I love to write, read and ask questions and am happy to help out at AVIA. 
In the summer I was allowed to write down the biography of my Italian grandfather and travelled with him to the places of his life and work. On this trip to Sicily, I was able to learn not only about him, but also a lot about myself. Europe is a subject close to my heart - Magali's project shows wonderfully how interwoven everyone is with the European idea and identity. The stories of our grandparents are also ours. Words touch, change and connect - we have them all and so often keep silent. What excites me about AVIA is that women of different generations can have a voice and speak - and do so!LL