I'm looking for you and your grandma

With AVIA, a longer journey through Europe is planned for spring 2023. Various countries and regions have been selected to give a broad picture of the continent. For each country, so-called "profiles" are identified, which are interesting for history, narrative and social issues. The aim is not to remain Eurocentric, but to understand the continent embedded in a larger world.  The following are the countries/regions we will travel to and the stories we want to capture. Each country / region has a title, and the description is meant to facilitate the research of the profiles.  Little by little, the page will be completed. 


Romania : Migration - Growing up with grandparents.

Greece : Looking for work where others go on holiday


The Netherlands : Migration - flight and arrival in a country where one is "the others". 




Czech Republic : Woman is not equal to woman, is not equal to gender 

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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